Friday, May 27, 2011

10k hits 4 u now( Review

10k hits 4 u now(  Review

The Home page
is very well built the Wizard has always mead me a little umm nervous. But the home page is well put together aside from the ads on the home page. Ads on the home page make the site feel a little cheap.( its after the fold so that’s better than above)

Off to the members area
The Members area is full and there is 3 surf kinds. Not a big fan of this script as it is a little tough to navigate.

Off to surf 
Surf is Black an yellow with surf chat or without  this is another site that you have troubles reading the whole surf bar as it was edited in firefox   the shout box chat is way outdated and I was the only person from the in the chat for almost 10 days.

Over all
This site is clean but feels like the admin is too busy for the site.

This traffic exchange receives a  no   recommendation and a grade of a  C-

You can Join 10khits4unow here :    

And that is My traffic exchange Review
James Dias
The IT Dude

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