Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Free Traffic Lotto ( Review

Home page

is a standard site lay out  but reading the home page makes the site interesting A lotto theme  and a mypoints feature to reward people promoting  and using the site.

Off to the members area
I am hit with a tto ( this great)  Two Time Offer it gave me the option of seeing it later I think this speaks volumes for the site

off to surf 
this has a rotating timer bar and is unfinished the buttons have no theme to them and look like they came with the script  this surf is also not IE friendly as part of the text line is unreadable in IE over all surf is clean
I did earn a lotto ticket in my surf  ( that was cool)

Over all
FTL free traffic lotto is a pretty neat site the surf need to be more finished and this site could be one solid B+ to A- site

This traffic exchange receives a  YES!   recommendation and a grade of a  C+
You can Join FTL here :    
Free traffic lotto watch this one!

And that is My traffic exchange Review
James Dias

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