Friday, May 27, 2011

1modern solution ( Review

1modern solution  ( Review
David (DA) Riley

The Home page 
is a little crazy there seems to be two of them one is on one is a very nice background picture easy to follow but there is Black text on a very dark background 
the second home page while being more professional looking is by no means finished hard to read text colors on similar back grounds and testimonial section that is not done at all.

Off to the members area
just a note do not use in IE this site is firefox only which will turn off new or first time members fast.  In fire fox the layout looks good  and there is A LOT of info you can add to your profile.

Off to surf 
surf works and is clean but is missing a lot of fit and finish. The surf has boxes everywhere.

Over all
Over all the site looks like it is still in its first months of being open. I will check back on this one in a few months to see how it has moved forward.

This traffic exchange receives a  yes   recommendation and a grade of a  D (better once finished)

You can Join  here :    

And that is My traffic exchange Review
James Dias

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