Friday, June 10, 2011

Farm Traffic ( Review

 Farm Traffic    (
Owner: Site doesn’t specify

The Home page:
It looks very appealing. I like the graphics but the page itself seems a little too lengthy. Then there towards the bottom it’s trying to sell me a product before I can even sign up or log in.

Off to the members area:
When you first log in I really love how it gives you all the necessary links right there. There are quite a few buttons on the main nav bar. Kind of a turn off since you already have the major links right there as soon as you log in.

Off to surf:
The surf is really nice haven’t ran into any 404 sites. I like the surf buttons there easy to see, so no confusion there.

Over all:
The site is really nice, graphics are good, members area is easy to use, surf is really good, but I would suggest not trying to sell something on the home page because for new people it seems like your already trying to cram products down their throats.

This traffic exchange receives a yes   recommendation and a grade of a  B-
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James Dias

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