Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Splash Page Surfer Review

This weekend  I had some time to Sign Up and surf SplashPageSurfer.com  

The Owner is Matthew Graves.
In first Impression of the site I thought it was just a splash page or a lead capture page. 
That’s all to the website on the outside of the members area  so when I log in there is quite a few things to do.  I updated my account info and added a tracking account so that I can see results of this site.

Matthew has a must join programs section in his site that is promoting quite a few traffic exchanges and other te stuff  Not a big fan of the whole join all this too idea. But if it works !

So now off to surf!   the surf bar is very basic and clean aside form the Line at the bottom of the surf bar you can not read unless you copy and drag the bar down is the only way you can read this line.  The site has no timer  ( don’t care much )

I did like the bonus credits being automatically added to my account  that was cool! And at every 25 then to 50 sites its pretty neat.

SO the bonus saves the over all boring surfbar Tried it in firefox just to see and the SPS alert works just fine.
I have noticed that a lot of traffic exchange owners build for one browser only and SPS is a Use fire fox or miss something in IE

Over all this traffic exchanges is very simple and the bonuses and splash page home page was cool

This traffic exchange receives a  yes recommendation and a grade of a  C+

You can Join SPS here:

And that is My traffic exchange trview of  Splash Page Surfer

James Dias
The IT Dude

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