Saturday, May 28, 2011

Advertising Know How Review

Advertising know how Review    (
Owner Robert Puddy

The Home page 
The home page has a basic lay out and is branded with robert puddy tesimonials are also present  simple to join

Off to the members area
as I log in this looks like a simple script.

Off to surf 
The surf is very basic and boring  you can add chat but that is a whole other login process the Idea of having to sign up to something after you have already signed up kinda bothers me.
The chat feels like a rushed to market add-on

Over all The site is very cookie cutter and has nothing that stands out to truly grab the attention of a surfer the over all design is basic and easy to use. I believe that a traffic exchange from a big name should have more stand out features something that separates it from the market.

This traffic exchange receives a  yes   recommendation and a grade of a  C
You can Join  here :    

And that is My traffic exchange Review
James Dias

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